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Technology company centered on developing and promoting disruptive visual communication global solutions.

Being a part of a group, Bi-silque S.A., which has existed for almost 40 years, Bi-Bright is driven by the belief that communication is intrinsic to our human identity. Our goal is to facilitate comprehension by offering global solutions that promote dialogue, learning, efficiency and productivity. Respecting and learning the importance of traditional tools, Bi-Bright perceives a world where ubiquitous technology is designed and adopted as a promoter of collaboration, inspiration and knowledge sharing.

We are driven with the continuous pursuit for innovation, relying on a deep understanding of our targeted ecosystems - education and business - as well as their influencers. The challenges on working with Education and Business sectors makes us realize how we aim to brighten abilities all over the world. Being fully committed on delivering what users need and required: simple and original solutions that facilitate how knowledge and ideas flow and are transmitted allow Bi-Bright to work close with our clients, users and partners.

Designed by visual communicators that are either less confident or assertive lecturers, introverts, talkers and speakers… for all people out there just like us. Made by people for people.

You are brilliant, but you can be brighter!