Slimline is an interactive touch-sensitive board with an infra red technology that recognizes the presence of a pen, finger or wand on the surface. The ceramic steel surface is hard, resistant and durable, built for intensive daily use as a regular whiteboard. The connection and user simplicity is the most important aspect of any Interactive Whiteboard and to that we have developed its Plug & Play connection to the three most common Operating Systems (Windows, Mac and Linux).
This model has a plastic frame to a more cost effective solution and keeps the 25 years guarantee surface that accompany the product’s lifetime.

Size(mm) Reference Add to Inquiry Quantity
56" BI1691710
78" BI1291710
96" BI1591710
  • 56” and 78” - 4:3
    96” - 16.9

  • Infrared

  • 4090 x 4096

  • 2mm

  • 5 mm

  • First Point 25ms
    Continuous Point 8ms

  • < 1w

  • Windows / Mac / Linux

  • (for all operating systems)

  • Yes (only for windows
    - 2 to 4 Touches

  • USB (data and power)

  • USB cable, CD (documents)
    Fixing plates and tray, with memory
    and software

  • Ceramic Glaze
    Dry Cleaning
    Scratch and blow resistant
    Low Brightness

  • Electronics: 5year warranty
    Surface: 25 year warranty