SIGA is a modular and customizable platform that can be adapted to different realities and that allows the management of several educational processes online. This integrated management system supports school, administrative and management activities – inside and outside the classroom. Its added value lies in the streamlining of processes, as well as the increase in the efficiency of services and quality of the education, meeting the most specific needs of the different stakeholders taking part in the education process.

Size(mm) Reference Add to Inquiry Quantity
  • Circuits creation and attribution Support to the decision and help in optimizing routes Financial and estimate of costs reports Centralized information

  • Fees 
    Payment plan 
    Cash up 
    Reports and debts 

  • Recording, cataloguing, indexing, availability of books 

  • Rules and Formulas 
    Pre-registrations (transports, textbooks, meals…) Levels of social action and customized levels 
    Payments Statement of debts

  • Stock management and queries Meal bookings, per student and per school Definition of the value of meals Meal and menu queries Consumption registry Reports

  • Computer and electronic resources optimization and control Expenses and equipment wear analysis Inventorying Meal and bar Report

  • Equipment control in the different spaces School inventorying Intervention requests workflow (works, repairs…) Reports (money spent vs. processes quality)