Magnetic easel aluminium frame with adjustable paper holder

• Highly portable easel with choice of size and surface

• Easy to assemble and adjustable height (A1: 0,91-1,76mm; Euro: 1,15-1,95mm)

• Adjustable flip pad clamp, for use with any flipchart pad

• Model available with 2 magnetic extension bars that allow you to present up to

3 sheets of paper

• Full length pen tray

• Lightweight aluminium frame

• Professional use

Size(mm) Reference Add to Inquiry Quantity
A1- 600x850 (board) EA4600045
Euro - 700x1000 (board) EA2300045
A1- 600x850 (board) EA4606046
Euro - 700x1000 (board) EA2300046
A1- 600x850 (board) EA4606045
Euro - 700x1000 (board) EA2306045
Euro - 700x1000 (board) EA2306046
A1- 600x850 (board) EA4606046