High performance magnetic dry erase boards

• Robust construction for the toughest environments

• Full length pen tray with end protection

• Ultimate quality ceramic steel surface available in white

• Whiteboard surface for use with any dry erase marker

• Excellent cleanability with no ghosting or scratching

Size(mm) Reference Add to Inquiry Quantity
600x450 CR0401770
600x450 CR0404770
900x600 CR0601770
900x600 CR0604770
1200x900 CR0801770
1200x900 CR0804770
1500x1000 CR0901770
1500x1000 CR0904770
1500x1200 CR0604770
1500x1200 CR1004770
1800x1200 CR1201770
1800x1200 CR1204770
2000x1000 CR1301770
2000x1000 CR1304770
2000x1200 CR1401770
2000x1200 CR1404770