MAYA Whiteboard

This model is a robust whiteboard with an aluminium frame of a classical design. There are several surfaces and printing options available!

Size(mm) Reference Add to Inquiry Quantity
78” MA1512170
1500x1000 MA1507170
1500x1000 CR0906170
1500x1200 MA1212170
1500x1200 MA1207170
1500x1200 CR1006170
1800x1200 MA2712170
1800x1200 MA2707170
1800x1200 CR1206170
2000x1200 MA2812170
2000x1200 MA2807170
2000x1200 CR1406170
2000x1200 MA2112170
2400x1200 MA2107170
2400x1200 CR1506170