Revolving Whiteboard

The mobile structures add mobility and Versatility to the double faced whiteboards. The boards have the classical Maya aluminium frame in an easy to use revolving structure. This model is available in several surfaces that are ideal to be used with markers (white surface) or chalk (coloured ceramic surfaces).


Size(mm) Reference Add to Inquiry Quantity
900x1200 QR1001
1200x900 QR0201
1500x1000 CR0901770
1500x1000 QR0601
1500x1200 QR0401
1800x1200 QR0501
2000x1000 QR0701
900x1200 QR1003
1200x900 QR0203
1200x1200 QR0303
1500x1000 QR0603
1500x1200 QR0403
1800x1200 QR0503
2000x1000 QR0703
900x1200 QR1004
1200x900 QR0204
1200x1200 QR0304
1500x1000 QR0604
1500x1200 QR0404
1800x1200 QR0504
2000x1000 QR0704