5 reasons why 2019 will be so awesome for Bi-Bright

2018 it’s almost gone, and we’re already anticipating 2019 as a year full of news, plans and conquers that we will share with you. As the new year starts of, we want this to be a special year.


Fresh Products

Amazing news! During this year, Bi-Bright was committed to work on their products.
In 2019, we will present significant improvements. New products will be added to our range. Pay attention to what we will do for you.

Happy birthday to us

Let’s blow the candles. All Portuguese schools are invited to celebrate our 10th anniversary. And guess what? It’s the schools and the students who get the presents.
We are going to launch a national challenge for 10th, 11th and 12th year students who want to participate and solve the problems that we propose them. In the end, 4 schools will compete to win our prizes.

No news are good news?

Absolutely not. Everyone likes to be updated especially when it comes to new and latest trends about technology.
We will launch our blog to keep you updated with content related to our business area.
Also, we will write posts to clarify doubts regarding our products and activity.

World, we are watching you

The growth of Bi-Bright is an ambition and a goal. Every day, we work to make our products reach every office and classroom. We will explore new countries, new markets and new segments to provide you the best solutions for every need. We are growing and getting bigger.

Come back anytime

However, we should not forget that growing up doesn’t mean getting outdated. Right? Our website is an open door for you to speak with us. Your experience while visiting should be the best. Improvements were and will be made to keep the website always with fresh content and information. You have an excellent excuse to visit us anytime.



Customer Centered

You are the centre of our business. So, you are our joy and concern. With this in mind, we always try to give you the best customer experience, paying attention to all the details and needs.

Learning and adapting

Business is changing faster than ever, there is no doubt about it.
As nothing is written in stone, we are always improving our work for valuable processes and deliverables.
The ability to learn and adapt is important for any kind of business, and we are not an exception.

Agile and responsive

The heart of our business is agility and responsiveness. This allows us to manage our work and develop what is more important first, according to each needs. Delivering with the best quality possible, we make stakeholders part of our development process.