5 Tips To Build a Study Island

The context affects the Human Being. There are several studies pointing to the fact that the place where people study can affect positively or negatively the success of learning and school tasks.

As students we all lived experiences where we just couldn’t focus if there was some disturbing noise or if the place was too messy for us to feel comfortable.

In a world where time is precious, creating a study corner and book time to learn is a fast track to make all those study sessions more effective and pleasant. That way students can enjoy the wonders of free time and free mind.

No matter where you live and what is the field of your studies, consider these tips for creating the best study space adapted to your personal style:

  1. Pick one place at home where you feel inspired and have natural light, but also add a desk lamp for reading activities
  2. Create a gallery wall concept to adapt the space to your personal style: add pictures, plants and quotes
  3. Hang a week planner board to keep your classes, homework and activities visible
  4. Get comfortable—but not too comfortable: choose ergonomic desks and chairs
  5. Create the conditions to have music for a background sound and avoid distractions: social media, TV, etc

How to create a kid-friendly study island

These study island tips are also valid for kids. They need to feel motivated and avoid distractions as much as adults. Choose vibrant colours and keep their own drawings and paintings in their space for other to know the little artist at home.

Choose whiteboards, deskboards, small easels and noticeboards to make them feel in a kid’s world while they learn and get creative.

Do you need more ideas to build a gallery wall? If you have any question, please asks us here!