5 Tips to Motivate Children to Learn

Today, we celebrate Children’s Day in Portugal, and in some countries throughout the world. It is a day to cherish children and how they can make this world so much better.

Usually, this is a day where they can play, goof around and do all kind of fun stuff. So, why are we giving parents tips to motivate children to do probably the last thing they want to do today?

We want to show them that learning doesn’t have to be the synonym of boredom. Children can learn while they play and have fun.

If you don’t have any activities planned for your children today, you can try one of this five tips we select for you to motivate your children to learn. With fun, innovative teaching techniques and interesting tools, they can develop their creativity and have joy in discovering new things.

Show your children a new world

Children can learn a lot just by reading a book (or by hearing their parents read to them). Many studies show that children who develop a passion for reading can later develop a passion for learning. While you’re telling your children about new worlds, full of adventures, fun incidents and amazing stories, not only they are learning important facts, but they are also developing their vocabulary, communication skills and creativity.

The key is to make reading fun, by bringing the characters into life. Do different voices for different characters of the story, turn the scenes into an act and let your children have fun while doing it.

Colour, colour everywhere

Children are very attracted to colour. They love to draw and give new colours to things, to have colourful toys. Basically, they love everything that screams “out of the ordinary”. This happens because children stay more interested in what they’re doing when they play (or learn) with colourful objects. So, next time you want your children to pay attention to something, make sure you take advantage of colours.

Learning can be a game

Usually, when we want children to do something that they find boring, we make a game out of it. By turn learning into a game, you can also motivate your children to learn. Nowadays, you can find several educational games that really make a difference in developing your children knowledge. This educational technique will make children more open to learning, once their brain will start to associate pleasure and happiness with learning.

Twice the fun

Children have more fun when they do things with friends, especially when we’re talking about learning. If you put them learning alone, it will be easier for them to be distracted and to lose interest in what they’re doing. Therefore, if you really want to motive your children to learn paired them up with a friend and let them play educational games together.

Celebrate every achievement

It’s important to celebrate every achievement your child conquers. Not only are you teaching them to be positive and appreciate their conquests, but also you’re telling them that every time they learn something they will be rewarded. This way, they will be so excited to celebrate their achievements that they will be motivated to learn even more.

In this International Children’s Day, show your children that learning doesn’t have to be boring or something bad. With a little imagination and the right tools, learning can be fun and interesting. You can draw information away or play with knowledge. The key ingredient is always the fun you put in it.


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