Collaborative Learning Spaces

Add a touch of technology to classes and meeting rooms

Created in 2009, BiBright quickly became one of the most important hubs of Bi-silque’s technology solutions. The brand’s international presence keeps it attentive to the dynamism of the technological world and its focus on Education brings to the brand a unique stamp of innovation and the ability to introduce solutions on the market that are guided by quality and differentiation. These solutions bring people together to improve the way they learn and work, fostering creativity and teamwork.

"Technology is essential for success, in this day and age. That was the reason why Bi-silque created Bi-Bright, focused on providing tools that help people communicate smoothly and efficiently."



Blended Learning

The Education sector has changed to deeper technology integration and there is no going back. Many learning and training facilities shifted to a blended learning model. This new approach brings more flexibility and makes it possible to carry out both face-to-face and asynchronous follow-up classes if needed.

Hybrid Work

Working from home or anywhere in the world requires the company to have a flexible work model that supports blended office, remote, and on-the-go workers. It offers employees the autonomy to choose to work wherever and however they are most productive. The need for meetings digitalization is increasing in these cases so tasks and projects can flow more naturally.