Back to School: 4 Tips to get A’s in your Classroom

That time of the year has finally arrived and we can hear the schools bells’ ringing! It can be a challenge for teachers to capture the attention of children after a long period of leisure days. Which back to school tips and wisdom can we give give to all the teachers out there – heroes who don’t wear capes? Here are 4 advice that will help your students focus and reach their full potential.

Learning can be fun when you think outside the box

Visual stimulus is essential to help children process new information. Use colourful magnets to post on your whiteboards and be free to move them around as many times as you want. This is a great way to introduce new subjects particularly when it comes to vocabulary and history. Whenever the lesson is finished, teachers can pick a student to approach the board and ask him to match words and names with images, for example. Or, ask them to write labels for the images with dry wipe markers. This will help your students practice simultaneously reading and writing skills. Not only whiteboards are an important tool in a classroom, but they also allow more teacher/student interaction, by encouraging students participation.

Fill your classroom with colour

Colour is one of the most eye-catching attributes of the world around us. This element has a huge impact on our mood, productivity and, above all, in our learning capabilities. As a powerful form of visual communication, cheerful and vibrant colours can attract the attention of kids and keep them focused. Therefore, on this back to school, fill your classroom with colours. Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you want your students to focus on a whiteboard, try to use boards with multicoloured frames. This will help them stay concentrated and excited to learn. If mobility and portability are characteristics that you are looking for to better assist you in your classes, you should try a colourful easel board instead.

Keep it simple and organised

Developing good organisational skills is the core element for success. On each back to school, it’s usual for students to write down a list of things, tasks and goals to do and accomplish on their notebooks. What happens frequently is that they forget to do it or, in other cases, the notebook is such a mess they cannot find anything in there! Planners can do wonders for keeping tasks and schedules organised. It’s crucial to choose the perfect spot to fix the planner in the classroom. It has to be in a place of high visibility, that can be easily seen from every corner of the room, so that your students can check it at any time they need.

Refresh your classroom, bring it back to live

Empty walls aren’t cozy, especially for children. A classroom should be an inviting place. Don’t forget that school is somehow like a second home for students. You can make them appealing on this back to school by hanging students’ art projects on the walls, filling the room with colour.

Teaching is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs that anyone can have. And having the right tools is halfway to make the difference, especially in a back to school atmosphere. Equip your classroom and your students for success this year.

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