Flipped Classrooms at Bett Show London 2017

Bi-Bright is proud to announce its presence at Bett Show London 2017.

Advocating for pedagogical model cherished by teachers and students’, we will showcase our products and present how they can better help you teach and learn. Additionally, because Education can get you anywhere but does not get everywhere, we joined forces with Maria Cristina Foundation to help equip a school on Bangladesh. We invite you to visit us, from 25th to 28th of January at ExCel London, on stand G130.

One of your bets during the past year was to understand teachers and students’ pains and hopes for the future. Not long after the beginning of our endeavour we comprehended that we needed to take a step further. That was the reason why this year, we will Flip Classrooms: to help teachers Flip Learning and taking them to empower student’s role as contributors of their own learning process.

“Once we understood Flipped Learning and spoke with teachers and students that had felt its advantages first handed, advocating for Flipped Learning was a natural step for us.” – André Vasconcelos, CEO of Bi-Bright and Bi-silque, S.A.

Come play and help Cambrian College in Dhaka, Bangladesh

As Education continues to fight to be present everywhere, we are collaborating with Maria Cristina Foundation. We will donate an interactive whiteboard and projector to Cambrian College in Dhaka. These students are sponsored by Maria Cristina Foundation that since 2005 helps children from the slums of Bangladesh realize their potential. And you can help us on the path by playing a simple game.  For those of you who can’t be there, join us on social media and be a part of this journey.

We invite you to meet, talk and play with us on stand G130. Together we can make and even #BrighterBett!
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