Fun Classroom Games that will Help You Make The Most of Learning

Mariah is a 32 year old pre-school certified teacher, and a homeschooling mom to six, that really believes in using Fun classroom games for kids to better engage children in her programmed learning activities and she is officially a board game addict.

She also recently discovered the power of supporting these games with colourful classroom equipment and tools like individual laptop dry erase boards and collective mobile easels.

According to her, and a whole lot of education experts, here’s why bringing fun whiteboard games to a classroom (even if this is at home) is a smart and effective approach:

  • They’re fun. And what better way to learn than to have some fun?
  • They encourage soft skills. Communication. Collaboration. Problem Solving. These soft skills are crucial for success in the real world. These skills are the ones most encouraged through playing games.
  • They’re great learning resources. English/Language arts. Math. Science. Social Studies. They all go from “boring” subjects to “can we do that again tomorrow” subjects when you’re playing.
  • They’re not on a screen. A lot of parents and teachers struggle with limiting screen time for their kids. Between the computer, the TV, and the various gadgets, our home feels overrun by media at times. Whiteboard Games focus on real-world interactions instead of digital ones.

But with so many games out there, which ones should you pick for your child? Which ones offer the most fun while still being educational? What do they teach? How can you make the most of them while playing, and connecting, at the same time.

Learning Games for Kids in Preschool

Preschoolers are little sponges, constantly absorbing information about life as they play. Guide their brains in development with the
following games.

1. Whiteboard scrabble

What can you do with a bag full of individual magnetic letters? Lots!

Pick a magnetic white board and challenge your preschooler to:

  • Find matching letters
  • Spell her name
  • Put letters in order while singing the ABC song
  • Sort letters by composition (curved lines, straight lines, and combination letters)

2. Tell me a magnetic colourful story

Preschoolers (and adults) will delight in arranging the detailed picture cards into stories. Let imaginations run freely and have your child:

  • Separate the cards into piles based on characters
  • Discuss possible orders for each pile
  • Draw three random cards and tell a story with all three using a magnetic mobile easel for kids to post your cards, keeping their order visible at all times.
  • Predict what will happen next in a story you create

3. Posting rivers, mountains, roads and rails

Use colorful cards can be used to create a country’s main rivers and mountains or names of main stations in a transportation system. By matching like pieces by posting it in colorful map magnetic boards, players will be discussing and learning:

  • Transportation systems
  • Matching, localization
  • Maps
  • Geographic references
4. Worldly children

A unique twist on the classic game of memory, your little one will be matching cards with pictures of children from many different typical cultures around the world. The pictures on the box show which country that child seems to be from, adding another level of social studies to this game if you decide to make them find each country and post it on a magnetic map. You will be teaching:

  • Observation
  • Memory skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Geographic references

As you can see, whiteboard games are awesome. Moreover, there are so many fun games for every age. Give the gift of a game to your students, or encourage your own children and family to play together. Learning will happen gently and naturally as a fun play activity.

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