Go Digital and Paperless to Be Green – Free Hubing Scan App

Teaching eco-friendly values at school is a way to get students pushing positive changes at home and steering the whole family dynamics towards a more sustainable way of living. At the same time, these ideas must be met with environmentally friendly initiatives.

Every day is an opportunity to make small changes that, over time, add up to a big improvement. From switching to reusable paper towels to building a compost bin or rainwater barrel, it all starts with a simple action.

One greatly effective way of reducing your education centre’s environmental impact is to go from paper to digital. Going paperless or not is no longer a debate, is an integral part of a sustainability program for schools.

The Hubing Scan makes everything go digital

Mobile scanning apps turn your phone’s camera into a scanner. Instead of using a printer with a scanner to digitalise documents, you can snap a picture of anything anywhere.

On the other hand, phone note apps enable teachers and students to quickly type, scribble with a stylus or finger, or even voice-record notes, and share them with other users.

Rather than wasting time researching and comparing several apps and then picking 2 different apps to install, you can try the HUBING SCAN, a free app specially developed to meet classroom needs.

This is an invaluable tool that turns any photos of classroom whiteboards, sticky notes, physical notebook pages, and voice notes into digital files. These documents become instantly ready to be shared and uploaded to a cloud storage account.

You’ll be able to capture, organise and share class assignments and notes with students, whether they’re attending the class at school or remotely.

Easy to install and easier to use, this 2-in1 app makes scanning and taking notes more effective than ever:

  • Capture anything printed or handwritten and save it
  • Access and organise files and your ideas anytime, anywhere
  • Add comments by handwriting or texting on digital documents
  • Record voice notes for up to 2 minutes
  • Move, copy, edit or delete items freely

Hubing Scan’s software recognises paper and whiteboards edges, cropping them automatically. You can also take and add notes and keep thoughts and ideas in your pocket. You’ll never lose or get lost in papers again.

Paper generation is associated with many environmental issues such as deforestation, water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, effluent discharge into the environment including toxic chemicals, etc. So, replacing the paper-based system with a digital and paperless approach can really help save the planet.

Hubing Scan’s benefits

Going paperless with the Hubing Scan ultimately results in a decrease in waste, which helps create a sustainable future for everyone. It also reduces paper, printers, ink cartridges, and even recycling-related costs.

Taking the digital step to becoming greener can truly be helpful for all schools and education centres. This valuable app increases efficiency and productivity by maximising teachers’ time and effort.

Files like class assignments and voice notes are organised and saved in one secure place in the cloud and may be shared with students, parents, and fellow teachers. This data is available at any time and can be accessed beyond the school premises.

Ultimately, it helps teachers engage and connect more with their students who have grown up in this digital age. Tools like this facilitate collaboration, participation, and discussion between teacher and student, and the sharing of students’ progress and results with parents.

More than just a trend, adapting to new technology is inevitable. The bottom line is that Hubing Scan will help you collect and save information and ideas for later while reducing waste and saving energy.


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