How to increase productivity with interactive and collaborative tools

Collaboration tools are technology solutions that companies use to improve productivity and achieve their goals. Collaboration between teams is essential nowadays. By embracing new working tools companies can compete in a market that is becoming more and more digital. Get to know how you can manage your time and increase your productivity using digital tools.


Managing time, reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving internal communication. These are key benefits of using collaborative tools in your company.

Time Gain vs Cost Reduction

The first great advantage of using collaborative tools is to save time and reduce costs. Back in the days, we needed to organize face-to-face meeting and calls but today we have more practical solutions. Using a videoconferencing system we can manage to have less travel expenses, which for a company can be quite significant.

Besides gaining time, the exchange of information between teams is more flexible and it can be done in real time and quickly.

Increase Productivity

According to research from the McKinsey Global Institute, teams can improve their productivity up to 25%. By using these tools you will have a lot of benefits. Such as better teamwork, versatility, mobility and ability to share documents and files easily.

Through digital access to shared information and documents, the company has what it needs to boost its productivity. This way, internal processes are optimized.

Having the information shared is extremely important and there are already effective software, such as Google Drive.

Additionally, by using the HUBING NOTES software you can create annotations, presentations and share content. Done in real time with several participants.

This multifunctional software can adapt itself to several contexts, including Education and Business.

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(Available for Windows and MacOS)


Mobility allows employees to work in a more organized and simultaneous way, improving the quality of decision-making.

Through your device you can easily work together with your team members whether you’re at the office or on a business trip. You don’t need to be disconnected from a particular project, you can interact as if you were at your desk.

A good example of a collaboration software to quickly scan your notes and ideas, organize and share them with other people is HUBING SCAN.

With it you can scan documents or whiteboards and turn them into digital documents (PDF or image).

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Improve Internal Communication

Improving internal communication could be difficult for companies.

To fight this problem, a good way to improve internal communication is to use corporate social networks (such as Slack). These allow you to create a direct communication channel with your customers, partners and suppliers in a simple and fast way.

However, internal communication does not have to be only online. There are ways with a more technological aspect, such as interactive whiteboards and interactive LCDs that you can use daily.

With these products you can create presentations in a more dynamic and interactive way.

Integrate departments with interaction and engagement

Ensuring the integration of company departments is one of the biggest difficulties for companies.

Using good collaborative tools makes it easier to generate integration and engagement. Since access to information is virtual and available to everyone, makes everyday tasks easier.

 “The success of a company is the result of the work of a great team”

Working together can be boosted with the right tools and become richer and dynamic. Companies able to overcome geographical and temporal limitations have a better chance to succeed. Using efficient tools to share information, encourages creativity and engagement among employees.