Bi-Bright at Innovation Africa 2017

For the third consecutive year Bi-Bright is present at Innovation Africa and we want you to be part of it.

During the past year, Bi-Bright made sure to invest time and resources to present their latest high technology products and software. This year will not be different.

As a result of that, we decided merge the present and the future. Adapting existing classrooms and schools to the digital era, we created a familiar learning environment. Here teachers and students can learn while engaging with technology, bringing us one step closer to a personalized and interactive education.

We build products to fit each place requirements, no matter the school, institution or administration. Teachers will be able to use new tools, empowering themselves and their skills. Students can take advantage of new learning methods along with more interaction and interactivity during classes.

As we understand that education can not be left behind and it must go along with technology, Bi-Bright is putting all efforts in merging these two. Previously inconceivable learning models are emerging, exciting educators and revealing unlimited potential in every student.

We want to be part of Africa’s effort to continuously inspire students, teachers through innovation.

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