Interactive Panel


Interactive Panel

Interactive LCD for Collaborative Classrooms

The Classroom in high-resolution

  • The power of multi-touch in classroom
    Use your finger or pencil.
  • Progress board feature
    Unlimited space to write, draw and organize your ideas.
  • Cover all the classroom needs
    Collaborate better and focus on teaching and learning.

Simple as it seems

  • Available in different sizes
    65", 75" or 86".
  • Android 9.0
    User-friendly system that is adaptable to your environment.
  • Low maintenance costs
    Investment returns satisfaction.


  • Glass
    Optical Bonding
  • Whiteboard
    3-Zone Split
  • Visual Technology
  • Multi-touch
    20 writing points
  • Touch Recognition
    Finger or Pencil
  • Touch Technology
  • Operating System
    Android 9.0
  • Memory
    8GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • Mirroring
    EsharePRO: 4K mirroring; 9 projections

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