The high quality Interactive whiteboard, ideal for education

Quality and trust. For 25 years.

Bi-Bright interactive whiteboard, iRed+
  • Use as long you need.
    Its prime ceramic surface is resistant for frequent use.
  • Interact with a stylus or your finger.
    Your dryerase markers are also welcome.
  • And it's Magnetic.
    Append more things, driven by your flow.

So easy. Even to clean.

  • Clean swiftly
    iRed+ design insures always a great appearance.
  • Plug your computer and use immediately
    Say goodbye to CDs, downloads and drivers.
  • Available in different sizes
    Up to 96''.


  • Technology
  • Touch Points
    4 (Windows) and 1 (Mac and Linux Ubuntu)
  • Touch Size
    ≥ 5mm
  • Precision
  • Response Time
    8ms (25ms on contact)
  • Interface
    USB (<1W)
  • Surface
    High quality ceramic steel (25 years warranty)
  • Frame
  • Software Included

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