Why New Generations of Students Need Classroom Integrated Solutions

Teachers are struggling to connect with students using outdated methods. Generation Z and Alpha students grew up in an online, connected world. They have access anywhere and anytime to knowledge and digital services. Yet schools and teachers are still trying to engage them with a whiteboard.

Teaching strategies and school structures must reflect the needs of the students. Without a wider variety of virtual learning resources, they will tune out before the class even starts.

Analog Vs. Digital technology

Most schools are converting analog classes into full digital ones. If you choose a whiteboard, you lose visibility when trying to engage students with digital content. If instead, you go for an interactive flat panel, it’s harder to see the writing content supporting the lesson.

Technological resources make lectures a more dynamic and complete experience. Interactive solutions encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Still, whiteboard work enhances learning, as the act of writing and drawing engages body and brain. It activates multiple senses, enabling more learning styles.

But what’s the best solution?

With a Wing Board you don’t have to choose, you get both. It includes an Interactive Panel, plus the double of writing surfaces (4 in total). And all in one place. Install this space-saving solution in the front wall of the classroom. Everyone will see it and reference it when needed. It’s simple and intuitive to use. As you end your lesson, just lock the device to protect it, leaving it safe and ready for the next class.

These features can make any lesson fun and memorable. The digital and analog combo creates an environment more conducive to learning. Above all, teachers’ motivation increases, and students’ academic performance improves.

If you already have an Interactive Flat Panel installed, worry not! Bi-Bright Wing Boards are a one-size-fits-all solution to cover existing devices and are suitable for most 65” to 86” screens.

Schools and training centres will have to respond to the growing demands of the 21st century. It’s the only way to prepare the newer generations of students to cope in a world dependent on technology, while maximising their potential.

The future of teaching and learning is here but keeping up to date is easier than you think.

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