Portuguese Science Competition (CNC) – PmatE

As it has been a tradition for some years, Bi-Bright was once again present at the Portuguese National Science Competition (CNC).

A project for over 20 years from PmatE – University of Aveiro took, this year, place from 8th to 10th of May. Where, thousands of children from 6 to 18 years old competed in different areas – as math, biology, physics, chemistry, portuguese and financial literacy.

All participants had the opportunity to try and play with some of our products.

CNC aims to support schools promoting knowledge sharing, scientific achievement, gamification and the promotion of Edtech in Education.

At the same time, getting the entire school community involved it hopes to fight the underdevelopment of students’ potential and the risk of dropout.

Bi-Bright thanks PmatE for the yearly CNC organization and the continuous improvement. Witnessing the growth of CNC these past years, has been a great pleasure of us. Moreover, we congratulates all the participants and winners.

See you next year!

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