10 Fun and Creative Projects To Do Over Christmas Break

The Christmas break is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. It’s also a great time to catch up on school projects. There are plenty of ways to stay productive during these holidays and still get all the rest and fun between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

As Saint-Exupéry once said, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”, so the first thing to do is plan and stick to it.

Organization is the key to getting the most out of the Christmas holidays! A planner board or an agenda will be a useful resource to make sure leisure time and studies are balanced with the required fun and family moments. The plan should keep visible the study hours per day, but also tasks and other activities. A little bit of consistent work is better than cramming everything in at the last minute. Distractions must be avoided to have things done, so phones, social media, or TV must be avoided to keep the focus where it should be… It’s better to save some time for small breaks to enjoy ginger cookies and hot chocolate or eggnog!

To relax from studies of projects the plan should also save time for activities such as walking, buying gifts, watching movies, Christmas, and NYE preparations, or just time to do nothing. A good tip is also to do relaxed activities as a reward for the work being done. It’s a clever way to celebrate achievements and keep a high motivation level. Especially with children, being able to plan didactical activities where school learning or projects can be part of all the fun and family moments is a hard thing. But laptop boards to use as drawing tools in Pictionary games or children’s easels to make them unleash their full creativity are amazing assets to use.

There is nothing more important to a child than family moments. These moments are so important for children because they help to shape their sense of self and their place in the world. Make the holiday season even more special by creating new traditions and memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some ideas for school and family projects that will use some of Santa’s magic to teach children while they’re having fun and family moments:

  1. The geometry of a snowflake
  2. The environmental conditions necessary to produce the ice crystal structures
  3. The weight of snow and how it affects the architecture and construction of houses and buildings
  4. The effect of snow accumulated in the winter on the community water levels year-round
  5. The physiological effect of cold snow on bare skin (hypothermia)
  6. The geographical locations that have the most snow and how they deal with it
  7. The insulating effect of snow in cold climates and the construction and use of igloos
  8. The volume of water compared to the volume of snow
  9. The Santa’s letter to practice creativity (writing, drawing, etc)
  10. The writing of a Christmas tale, where the family are the characters

Spending time with loved ones is an important part of the holiday season, and it’s a great opportunity to create cherished memories. From decorating the tree together to singing carols around the fireplace, there are countless ways to make the holiday special for kids. And of course, no Christmas would be complete without a few gifts from Santa.

So, make sure to take some time to enjoy the holiday season with the little ones – it’s a time they’ll always remember. And no matter how the Christmas break is spent, it’s a special time of year to celebrate and recharge.