The Truth About Fun Classes

The traditional teaching model, where the teacher stands in front of the class and students listen and take notes. was working perfectly until new generations changed the way they acquire knowledge and communicate with the world. Teachers are adapting to these new times and one of the most effective changes being made is the addition of collaborative learning methods and content that add fun to the classroom.

One study of student boredom suggested that almost 60% of students find at least half their lectures boring, with about 30% claiming to find most or all their lectures boring. Here is where teachers can make a huge difference by implementing small changes that will lift the class morale and improve the learning effectiveness. Brain research suggests that fun is not just beneficial to learning but it can also improve long-term memory skills.

Adding colourful learning aids such as bright colour-framed whiteboards, laptop boards or easels will stand out when creating a casual, fun, and motivating classroom. The combination of a proper fun learning environment with a positive and joyful teaching attitude will make any student jump out of the bed in the morning to begin a great school day.

Weaving humour throughout your lesson lightens the mood and makes for a more fun experience. Laugh with your students, and don’t be afraid to let them laugh at you from time to time! Teachers can create special moments for the class to relieve stress like celebrating the 100th Lesson, Asking the students to tell a joke on World Laughter Day, or even pranking the students on April Fool’s Day!

Here are some tips to fun teacher pranksters

April Fool’s Day is the time when jokesters of the class get to have their day. But what about teachers…? Teachers have on 1st April a wonderful excuse to pull a little prank on their students. Here are 3 ideas for classroom pranks done by Teachers

#1: Brown e’s for winners

Tell your students that you are giving them brownies at the end of the school day if they manage to do some extra tasks. You just need to have a tray covered with aluminum foil. Under the tray will be e’s cut out of brown paper. At the end of the day, uncover the tray and give each student a brown ‘e’. And always make sure to give them actual brownies after the prank is over.

#2: Free iPad for the best

Launch a task for the class and tell your students that you will give an iPad for the best result. At the end of the task give the student an Eye Pad. And always make sure to give them an actual prize after the prank is over.

#3: Strange Wordsearch

Give your students a task to search for nonexistent words, set a couple of minutes for them to complete the task. If you combine this with the “Brown e’s for winners” or “Free iPad for the best”