Wall & Mobile Boards for workplace


Bi-Office Infinity Whiteboard - Product Image

Infinity Whiteboard

Low glare surface for projection with extra sturdiness
Bi-Office Scala Whiteboard - Product Image

Scala Whiteboard

Robust construction with an elegant design. Supplied with aluminium pen tray and wall fixings.
Bi-Office Maya Whiteboard - Product Image

Maya Whiteboard

Surface highly resistant to wear, reinforced with an aluminium of classic design
Bi-Office Tile Whiteboard - Product Image

Tile Whiteboard

Ideal to build writing walls that can have pieces with lines, grids or music staves.
Bi-office Revolver Whiteboard - Product Image

Revolver Whiteboard

Classical aluminium frame in an easy to use revolving structure.
Bi-Office Easy Tripod Easel - Product image

Easy Tripod Easel

Append paper sheets alongside the easel as you need
Bi-Office Classic Mobile Easel - Product Image

Classic Mobile Easel

Mobile and height-adjustable easel for work

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