Focused on multi-functionality and simplicity, HUBING NOTES allows the user to annotate, create presentations, share contents and collaborate in real-time in multiple participants.

Designed for various contexts, such in Education and Business. It can be used in desktops as well as in interactive displays.



Easy to use - Connect the tablet to a collaboration room, inserting the session address. This session should be on the same wifi network as the host.

Collaboration - Ask someone to create a room in HUBING NOTES software (available to Mac, Windows and Android). Join that room and become a session participant, collaborating in real-time.

Follow and Participate - Follow the group activity and participate on the collaboration session.

Annotation - Pen is the perfect tool to annotate. Handwrite or draw in the available canvas.

Cross platform - HUBING NOTES can be used in desktops and interactive displays. Supported by Mac OS X and Windows.

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